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Patios Sydney

Celebrate the Australian love for an outdoor living!

Don’t hold yourself back from enjoying Sydney’s beautiful weather and your love for the outdoors. We help you create a beautiful outdoor space to entertain your family and friends. Looking to transform your existing outdoor space into an extraordinary retreat? Our Complete Home Improvement experts craft patios to extend your living space and create a haven you’d never want to leave.

At Complete Home Improvement, we offer a wide range of patios in Sydney including flat patio, gable patio, and outdoor patios to showcase your unique personal style. Also explore stunning outdoor blinds to shield your patio from wind, rain, and sun all year round.

Whether it’s your home or office, we design custom patios for stunning outdoor spaces in Sydney.

Majestic Outdoor Patios Sydney

Maximise the use of your outdoor space with an enclosed patio room. When your enclosed patio is filled with adequate light and warmth, spending more time in your outdoor recreation area becomes effortless and lot more fun. With the addition of a patio from Complete Home Improvement, you can seamlessly combine indoor and outdoor living spaces. A patio not only extends your living area but also facilitates for outdoor entertaining and relaxing all through the year.

Right from steel or timber framed patios with the most recent heat reflective polycarbonate sheeting to totally lined al fresco, Complete Home Improvement offers the choicest range of design and material selection. Using a durable transparent roof, a patio can be shielded from all weather conditions. Patios can be used in different ways – for instance, as your outdoor kitchen cum dining area, a calm area to sit and read your morning newspaper or play area for young children. For homeowners who want an outdoor patio constructed at an elevated level, it’s a great option!

You can choose to enclose your area using heat-absorbing windows, mesh screens or tinted plastics. If you want to have your patio as your home’s extension, insulated wall panels are perfect and they help to reduce your energy costs at the same time! It is highly recommended to consult your design consultant about the type of enclosed patio that will work well in your space.

Install the patio that works for you

Complete Home Improvement’s expertise is in designing custom patios in an array of designs and styles to suit all budgets and homes.

Flat Patio in Sydney

Choose a patio having flat roofing to get a sleeker and modern style. The low-level roofing makes this a perfect choice for one-storey houses and this style can be easily customised. Select from an array of materials to suit your existing home keeping in mind the intended use of your outdoor living space. A semi-transparent roof will make for a shaded outdoor sunroom to some extent while timber can enkindle the look of an island resort.

Gable Patio Installation in Sydney

With a gable patio, you’ll get the right amount of sunlight and shade. With almost barn-like roofing, Complete Home Improvement provides gable patios in transparent, solid or combination roofing styles. The tall, sloped roof provides sufficient for wrapping and shade, so you can place furniture inside the patio without any risk of damage. For the warmer months, fans can be easily installed inside this patio.

Whether you want a beautiful patio constructed as your home’s extension or any other home improvement services like pergolas installation, timber decking, and glass sunroom extensions for your Sydney homes, straightaway contact Complete Home Improvement on 1300 912 293.

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